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Global Freshman Certificate

How do I become a Global Freshman?

Enrol in the Global Freshman Certificate. It is quick and easy; simply register your interest and a link to the application form will be emailed to you. 

How much does the Global Freshman Certificate cost?

The tuition fee is 9,250. You have the option of paying the full amount upfront or in instalments. You can also choose part-time study to make it easier to pay for the course.

Is the Global Freshman Certificate recognised around the world?

Yes. The Global Freshman Certificate is equivalent to the 1st year of an undergraduate degree in Germany. Member Universities recognise the Global Freshman Certificate which allows you and the other Freshman graduates into the 2nd year of your selected Member University undergraduate degree.

What is the entry level for the Global Freshman Certificate?

You will need a general secondary school diploma or a subject-related university entrance qualification. The English language requirement is an IELTS of 6.0 or equivalent proof – unless English is your native language or you graduated from an English-speaking school.

When can I start the Global Freshman Certificate?

You can start anytime. There are no fixed intakes or application deadlines.

How long does the Global Freshman Certificate take to complete?

1 year. If studying part-time this could be 2 years or whatever pace you set yourself.

Can I do the Global Freshman Certificate online?

Yes. It is a highly engaging user-friendly flexible online qualification only available online. You can do it from the comfort of your home or wherever you have an internet connection.

What if I fail a subject in the Global Freshman Certificate?

You will be able to repeat that subject in the next semester, but it will add further time and cost to your enrolment. 

What is credit recognition? Is this important when I complete the Global Freshman Certificate?

Credit recognition is the academic term for one or more universities to recognise the level of study that a student has done at a different university or college. Yes, it’s important. Your credits from the Global Freshman Certificate will be recognised for entry into the 2nd year of a relevant degree course in a Member University.

When I graduate as a Global Freshman, can I continue my undergraduate degree as a 2nd year student at the Member Universities?

Yes, in relevant Business or Computing degrees. 

Which countries are the Member Universities in?

The US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji are at present. We are adding more members.

Can I select which university in which city and country I want to finish my degree with?

Yes, visit our study destinations to find all the cities and countries available to you.

Are the Member Universities all high quality and world ranked?

Yes, but they are all different. Some are very large with multiple campuses in different cities and world regions, and others are smaller, personalised and more specialised. You should check and see which ones best suit your plans and which cities and countries you would like to study in and graduate from.

When I have selected which university I want to graduate from, can I choose either online or face to face on campus?

The Global Freshman Certificate has been designed for online delivery to make it as available as possible for all students. Your 2nd year destination University will set its study requirements for face to face and online. It will depend on the visa regulations of the country you select and the university policies. Most countries require a minimum number of students face to face study contact hours for a student visa.

What if I want or need to continue studying online instead of progressing to a Member University?

This is fine – we can assist you to complete your degree by continuing to study online with IU.

What if I want to study online but not in a Global Freshman Certificate course?

We can assist you to enrol in one of the many undergraduate or postgraduate courses offered online by our Partner University, IU.

Will it be the same as any other student at that university doing the same undergraduate degree?

Yes, there’s no difference at all. The Global Freshman course is an internationally recognised academic course that has been designed to give you maximum choice, flexibility and mobility options while saving you time and money. Your undergraduate degree will be awarded from the Member University that you select.

How do I contact the universities I want to graduate with my degree from?

We will provide you with access to a platform that automatically links you to all the Member Universities and allows you to make one application to all universities or a specific application, develop knowledge of each Member University, and select which Member University you prefer in which country. The platform is for you and the Member Universities to meet without agents or 3rd party persons.

Can I receive assistance with obtaining a visa and travel advice etc.?

Yes. VFS Global, the world’s biggest visa processing company, has partnered with us to ensure fast, quality, and thorough visa application, processing, and approval. You can pre-plan and progressively process the necessary visa documents in conjunction with VFS from the time you start studying the Global Freshman Certificate, which will allow speedy, thorough processing and approval when you are ready to go to your overseas university.

Should I contact an international education agent to assist me?

That is up to you.

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