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The GFC currently offers two study streams, Business and Computing. Every student is required to complete 6 core modules that offer a solid grounding in academic practice and knowledge.

Core modules

Module 001

Academic Integrity & Writing for Business

Module 002

Collaborative Work

Module 003

Introduction to Computer Science

Module 004

Organizational Behavior

Module 005

Intercultural & Ethical Decision-Making

Module 006


Business stream

Module 101

Business 101 

Module 102

Principles of Management

Module 103

Managerial Economics

Module 104

Global Corporations & Globalization

Module 105

Business Mathematics

Module 106

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Computing stream

Module 201

Introduction to Data Science

Module 202

Mathematics I

Module 203

Computer Architecture & Operating Systems

Module 204

Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Module 205

Web Application Development

Module 206

Data Structure and Java Class Library


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Teaching, Learning and Assessment is through authentic, real world-based experiences. GFC University Partner’s strong focus on active, student-led learning allows you to be proactive and engaged in every part of the learning journey. After completing your Global Freshman Certificate you will be ready to transfer into year 2 at the Member University of your choice.

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