Global Freshman Certificate Business

The Business qualification equips you with knowledge and understanding of the key business functions and how these interrelate while setting you up to graduate at the Member University of your choice.

Course outline

Once you’ve completed the two core modules, the Business stream has 10 specialized modules. They are:

Core modules

Module 001

Introduction to Academic Work

Module 002

Statistics: Probability and Descriptive Statistics

Business stream

Module 101

Academic Integrity and Writing for Business

Module 102

Business 101

Module 103

Managerial Economics

Module 104

Principles of Management

Module 105

Global Corporations and Globalization

Module 106

Business Mathematics

Module 107

Organizational Behavior

Module 108

Management Accounting

Module 109

Supply Chain Management I

Module 110

International Marketing

These modules will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

Understand the language of business and the contemporary business environment


Apply business thinking and economic theories to business practice


Interpret people and organizations to influence decision-making


Explain key business functions and networks


Analyze the various ways in which globalization affects corporations and impacts marketing


Develop quantitative tools for responding to a range of business demands

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