Global Freshman Certificate Computing

The Computing qualification will equip you with knowledge and understanding of introductory concepts in the computing field while setting you up to graduate at the Member University of your choice.

Course outline

Once you’ve completed the two core modules, the Computing stream has 10 specialized modules. They are:

Core modules

Module 001

Digital Learning and Academic Practice

Module 002

Principles of Mathematics

Computing stream

Module 201

Information Systems and Networks

Module 202

Mathematics I

Module 203

Object-oriented Programming with Java

Module 204

Data Structures and Java Class Library

Module 205

Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making

Module 206

Mathematics II

Module 207

Web Application Development

Module 208

Collaborative Work

Module 209

Computer Architecture and Operation Systems

Module 210

Project: Java and Web Development

These modules will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

Understand how to design, create and evaluate computer-based systems


Identify and analyze criteria for data-driven problem solving


Explore the morals and ethics of computer technology


Apply mathematical concepts to IT and technology problems


Utilize various computing systems and software to program solutions to concrete problems


Work collaboratively across a range of media and interdisciplinary contexts

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